ROSIE MEETS: Emma bale

Last week Emma Bale welcomed us in her apartment in Antwerp to talk about life, music and dogs.

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" I like the combination of feminine but also a little bit edgier, the balance I think is cool "

What pieces of clothing do you feel most confident in?

I think I feel most confident when I'm wearing something that shows off my body's best features, like the bottom of my legs or my waist. Just things that are comfortable and make me feel good.

Usually I gravitate towards black, but lately I've been wearing more color and I think Rosie might have something to do with that as well.

What is your favourite Rosie item?

My favorite Rosie item is the Willie skirt, because I just think the print is super cool.

I would style it with, say, high boots and an oversized t-shirt or something, to balance everything out. In terms of the t-shirt, ofcourse I would go for an item of the Friends of Strays collection just because it has cute little dogs on it.

" I've read many times that people who have dogs are the happiest "

What does your perfect day off look like?

My perfect day off probably looks like this: I think I just lie in my bed for a long time, then maybe make a coffee, go out with Jeanne and then maybe read a book on a bench or in a nice coffee place, see some friends and in the evening go out for dinner.

Just the combination of food, Jeanne and my friends and maybe if I can be really demanding, the sunshine and I am a happy person.

How has saving Jeanne changed your life?

I think saving Jean has also saved my life in a way.

I think if I hadn't had her, a lot of moments would have just been very different, and because of her I always feel like I'm not alone and I know that sounds very corny but there's just always someone with you.

For example, I had a really hard time when I was driving alone to a show in the summer, you play in front of so many thousands of people and you come back home alone and you go to sleep alone. And with Jeanne, here she is being super happy when you come home or she can come along and just seeing her, spontaneously gives me a mega endorphin rush.

" A favourite quote of mine is: without rain, no flowers and I just hold on to that very much "

Which song has the most meaning for you?

The song that has the most meaning for me is The Woman I Am Today from my most recent album Retrospect.

That was the first song that I wrote all by myself, here at my kitchen table at night with a drink. I was just really speaking from what I was thinking or what all my worries were and I think it became a very honest and very personal song and that also made me realize that that's still the thing that makes me happiest. Just being able to translate everything I think or whatever is on my mind into a song, which is what I'd like to keep doing and that was a good reminder, I think.

how do you see yourself today?

I think I'm someone who is still searching and in a way that reassures me, because when I wrote The woman i am today, I was also searching. I didn't know how or what, and if it was all going to work out, but it worked out just fine. I just trust very strongly now that everything will work out if I just stay close to who I am and what I feel and I think that has made me a little bit more enriched.

So I would say that's who I am now, someone who has perhaps become a little more self-aware, and someone who just still very much wants to see the good in everything and everyone. A favorite quote of mine is: without rain, no flowers and I just hold on to that very much.

What was your proudest moment?

I think my proudest moment was last winter at the Roma, when I did my own tour for the first time.
I've done a lot of support acts, but never my own shows. Roma is such an iconic place, so the fact that I just filled it with people who were there to see me, that was very impressive. The atmosphere there, I really started crying afterwards because it was such a cool thing to do.

It was also very nice to be able to perform in my own city and to see that people were coming to see me. The fact that there is such a beautiful place in your own city and that you can play there and fill it is just crazy.

What are your favourite spots in Antwerp?

There are actually a lot of things in my neighborhood that I love and that's why I love living here: it's surrounded by places I want to go.

I think Tinsel is amazing and it's opening a location close to me so I'm very excited! The vintage store, The Riot, is also a favorite of mine, and a little further down the street is Pizarro, the best pizza in town. There is also a new place, Mr. Pickles, great coffee and delicious and healthy food.


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